Commit 1d0fe7dc authored by Leonardo Solis's avatar Leonardo Solis
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added local or remote configs to init file

Former-commit-id: 4ece1e52
parent 7360a64c
...@@ -5,11 +5,38 @@ echo "Setting up Xilinx SDAccel SDK" ...@@ -5,11 +5,38 @@ echo "Setting up Xilinx SDAccel SDK"
echo "=============================" echo "============================="
echo "" echo ""
export SDX174_LOCAL_INITFILE=/opt/cad/xilinx/sdx/SDx/2017.4/ # Asking user to specify server configuration
echo "Initialization file: " $SDX174_LOCAL_INITFILE echo "About tool installations:"
echo "\"local\" server contains all tools for development."
echo "\"remote\" server might be used only for evaluation."
echo " " echo " "
source $SDX174_LOCAL_INITFILE read -p "Enter \"local\" or \"remote\" for server to use: " serverconfig_userinput
echo "Xilinx SDAccel version: " # Checking user input
sdx --version if [ "$serverconfig_userinput" == "local" ]; then
echo " " echo "Server configuration selected: " $serverconfig_userinput
elif [ "$serverconfig_userinput" == "remote" ]; then
echo "Server configuration selected: " $serverconfig_userinput
echo "This is not a valid server configuration. Default \"local\" is selected."
# Selecting path for
if [ "$serverconfig_userinput" == "local" ]; then
elif [ "$serverconfig_userinput" == "remote" ]; then
# Verifying that file exists
# If it does, only then initialize SDx-v2017.4
if [ ! -f "$SDX174_INITFILE" ]; then
echo "File $SDX174_INITFILE not found!"
echo "Initialization file in $serverconfig_userinput server:" $SDX174_INITFILE
source "$SDX174_INITFILE"
echo " "
echo "Xilinx SDAccel version: "
sdx --version
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