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# Development branches
The following branches are currently under development.
Their labels have the following convention: `<ALGORITHM>-<TOOL>`
* [lga-aoc160](./tree/lga-aoc160): Lamarckian Genetic Algorithm - Altera OpenCL Compiler v16.0
* [ga-aoc160](./tree/ga-aoc160): Genetic Algorithm (traditional) - Altera OpenCL Compiler v16.0
* [lga-intel171](./lga-intel171): Lamarckian Genetic Algorithm - Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL v17.1
* [lga-sdx174](./tree/lga-sdx174): Lamarckian Genetic Algorithm - Xilinx SDAccel v2017.4
# Documentation
For more details, go to the [Documentation](doc/readme/
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