Commit 38b58a4c authored by Leonardo Solis's avatar Leonardo Solis
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#28, removed unused var

parent 79e87a50
......@@ -494,9 +494,6 @@ filled with clock() */
const unsigned int mul_tmp3 = (dockpars.num_of_atypes + 1) * dockpars.g3;
// num of rotbonds
const unsigned char num_rotbonds = myligand_reference.num_of_rotbonds;
//allocating GPU memory for populations, floatgrids,
//energies, evaluation counters and random number generator states
//#if defined (FIXED_POINT_INTERE)
......@@ -829,7 +826,6 @@ filled with clock() */
setKernelArg(kernel_conform,5, sizeof(unsigned char), &dockpars.num_of_atoms);
setKernelArg(kernel_conform,6, sizeof(unsigned char), &dockpars.num_of_genes);
setKernelArg(kernel_conform,7, sizeof(unsigned char), &num_rotbonds);
setKernelArg(kernel_conform,8, sizeof(mem_KerConstStatic_ref_orientation_quats_const), &mem_KerConstStatic_ref_orientation_quats_const);
setKernelArg(kernel_conform,7, sizeof(mem_KerConstStatic_ref_orientation_quats_const), &mem_KerConstStatic_ref_orientation_quats_const);
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