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OCLADock-FPGA - OpenCL Accelerated Molecular Docking on FPGAs
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# Description
OpenCL task-parallel version of AutoDock4 for Altera FPGAs.
OpenCL task-parallel version of AutoDock4 for Intel (Altera) FPGAs.
It achieves speed-ups of up to 2.7x over the original single-threaded AutoDock 4.2 on CPU.
## Development tool
# Easy Download
Altera OpenCL Compiler v16.0 (Quartus upgraded and patched:
If you are not familiar with GitLab, the easiest way to download all of OCLADock-FPGA (source code, sample input data) is to
use the Download icon (close to the top right of this webpage, just above the list of files) and use a familiar archive format (e.g., .zip) to fetch everything at once.
## Must
# Development tools
Intel (Altera) OpenCL Compiler v16.0 (Quartus upgraded and patched:
Initialization scripts automate the tool setup-process:
% source
# Important commands
* See rules in [Makefile](./ofdock_taskpar_alt/Makefile)
## OpenCL kernel compilation
make keremu
## Design emulation
make emu
## Estimation & optimization reports generation
make kerrpt
## FPGA building
make hw
## FPGA building for hardware profiling
make hw-prof
## FPGA evaluation
make exe
# Documentation
For more details, go to the [Documentation](doc/readme/
# Bibliographic information for citing OCLADock
Leonardo Solis-Vasquez and Andreas Koch. 2018. A Case Study in Using OpenCL on FPGAs: Creating an Open-Source Accelerator of the AutoDock Molecular Docking Software. In Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on FPGAs for Software Programmers (FSP), 2018.
# License
This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv2 - see the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for details.
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