Commit 87230798 authored by Leonardo Solis's avatar Leonardo Solis
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#36, minor improvement in IGL krnl

parent f9ff49a3
...@@ -57,17 +57,11 @@ void Krnl_IGL_Arbiter(/*unsigned char DockConst_num_of_genes*/ ...@@ -57,17 +57,11 @@ void Krnl_IGL_Arbiter(/*unsigned char DockConst_num_of_genes*/
GG_valid = read_pipe(chan_GA2IGL_GG_active, &GG_active); GG_valid = read_pipe(chan_GA2IGL_GG_active, &GG_active);
} }
active = (Off_valid == PIPE_STATUS_SUCCESS)? 0x00 : 0x01;
// Send "mode" to Conform // Send "mode" to Conform
const char mode_Off = 0x00; active = (Off_valid == PIPE_STATUS_SUCCESS)? 0x00 :
const char mode_IC = 'I'; (IC_valid == PIPE_STATUS_SUCCESS)? 'I' : 'G';
const char mode_GG = 'G';
char mode_tmp = (Off_valid == PIPE_STATUS_SUCCESS)? mode_Off :
(IC_valid == PIPE_STATUS_SUCCESS)? mode_IC : mode_GG;
write_pipe_block(chan_IGL2Conform_actmode, &mode_tmp); write_pipe_block(chan_IGL2Conform_actmode, &active);
//printf("IGL Simplif sent!\n"); //printf("IGL Simplif sent!\n");
} // End of while (active) } // End of while (active)
} }
  • Although apllication execution still hangs on AWS, the corresponding *.awsxclbin passes simple test with xbsak (contrary to lga-sdx174 base commit):

    sh-4.2# xbsak program -p xclbin/Krnl_GA.awsxclbin 
    xclProbe found 1 FPGA slots with xocl driver running
    INFO: Found 1 device(s)
    INFO: Could not load AFI for data retention, code: 18 - Loading in classic mode.
    AFI load complete.
    INFO: xbsak program successful.
    sh-4.2# xbsak query
    xclProbe found 1 FPGA slots with xocl driver running
    INFO: Found 1 device(s)
    DSA name:       xilinx_aws-vu9p-f1-04261818_dynamic_5_0
    Vendor:         1d0f
    Device:         f010
    SDevice:        1d51
    SVendor:        fedd
    DDR size:       0x4000000 KB
    DDR count:      4
    OnChip Temp:    25 C
    VCC INT:        0 mV
    VCC AUX:        0 mV
    VCC BRAM:       0 mV
    OCL Frequency:
            0:      250 MHz
            1:      250 MHz
            2:      500 MHz
    PCIe:           GEN8000 x 16
    DMA bi-directional threads:    4
    MIG Calibrated: true
    Xclbin ID:
    Mem Topology:
        Bank         Type  Base Address          Size
      DDR[0]     MEM_DDR4           0x0     0x1000000
      DDR[1]     MEM_DDR4   0x400000000     0x1000000
      DDR[2]   **UNUSED**   0x800000000     0x1000000
      DDR[3]   **UNUSED**   0xc00000000     0x1000000
    Compute Unit Status:
    INFO: xbsak query successful.
  • mentioned in commit 6fdc64c6

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