Commit b3e10c70 authored by Leonardo Solis's avatar Leonardo Solis
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updated Makefile

Former-commit-id: 957c1491
parent 3c8d69be
......@@ -412,7 +412,7 @@ hw:
aoc --high-effort -board=$(BOARD) $(DEV_SRC) -o $(TARGET_DIR_HW)/$(KRNL_NAME).aocx $(FIPO_FLAG) $(AOC_FLAG)
aoc -high-effort -board=$(BOARD) $(DEV_SRC) -o $(TARGET_DIR_HW)/$(KRNL_NAME).aocx $(FIPO_FLAG) $(AOC_FLAG)
@echo $(newline)
@echo "==============================================================================="
@echo "INFO: FPGA bitstream is under: \"$(TARGET_DIR_HW)/$(KRNL_NAME)(.aoco)(.aocx)\" "
......@@ -427,7 +427,7 @@ hw-he:
# $(KRNL_NAME).aoco
# $(KRNL_NAME).aocx
aoc --profile -board=$(BOARD) $(DEV_SRC) -o $(TARGET_DIR_HW_PROF)/$(KRNL_NAME).aocx $(FIPO_FLAG) $(AOC_FLAG)
aoc -profile -board=$(BOARD) $(DEV_SRC) -o $(TARGET_DIR_HW_PROF)/$(KRNL_NAME).aocx $(FIPO_FLAG) $(AOC_FLAG)
@echo $(newline)
@echo "================================================================================================="
@echo "INFO: instrumented FPGA bitstream is under: \"$(TARGET_DIR_HW_PROF)/$(KRNL_NAME)(.aoco)(.aocx)\" "
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