Commit e0c024cb authored by Leonardo Solis's avatar Leonardo Solis
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added make copyharp2 = creation of zip to be copied to harp2

parent ae0fa6fa
......@@ -323,7 +323,38 @@ hw_profile:
@echo " "
HARP2_DIR := copyharp2
HARP2_DIR_DOCK := ofdock_taskpar_alt
# Delete an existing folder if previously created
# Create a folder $(HARP2_DIR) in the parent directory
# Copy binaries into $(HARP2_DIR) folder, avoiding the (innecesary) compilation intermediate files
# Copy source files into $(HARP2_DIR) as host is built in the HARP2 front-end
# Create a zip file out of the $(HARP2_DIR) folder
copyharp2: clean_copyharp2
mkdir ../$(HARP2_DIR)
mkdir ../$(HARP2_DIR)/$(HARP2_DIR_DOCK)
cp $(TARGET_DIR_HW)/docking.* ../$(HARP2_DIR)/$(HARP2_DIR_DOCK)/$(TARGET_DIR_HW)/
cp Makefile ../$(HARP2_DIR)/$(HARP2_DIR_DOCK)/
cp defines.h ../$(HARP2_DIR)/$(HARP2_DIR_DOCK)/
cp -r device/ ../$(HARP2_DIR)/$(HARP2_DIR_DOCK)/
cp -r host/ ../$(HARP2_DIR)/$(HARP2_DIR_DOCK)/
cp -r input/ ../$(HARP2_DIR)/$(HARP2_DIR_DOCK)/
cp -r wrapcl/ ../$(HARP2_DIR)/$(HARP2_DIR_DOCK)/
cp -r ../common ../$(HARP2_DIR)/
cd ../; zip -r $(HARP2_DIR).zip $(HARP2_DIR)
@echo "================================================================================"
@echo "The next step is to transfer the .zip file to the HARP2 fron-end: "
@echo "> cd .."
@echo "> scp"
@echo "================================================================================"
@echo " "
rm -r ../$(HARP2_DIR)
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