Commit 29751e92 authored by Leonardo Solis's avatar Leonardo Solis
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fixed remove_preamble_license

parent 4377c37c
......@@ -41,10 +41,8 @@ for f in $OCLADOCK_SOURCE; do
if (grep -q "Copyright (C)" $f); then
echo "Removing existing license-preamble from $f"
awk '/^\/\*/{c++} c!=1; /^ \*\//{c++}' "$f" > "$f.old"
mv "$f.old" "$f"
echo "Done!"
sed -i '/\/\*.*\*\// d; /\/\*/,/\*\// d' "$f"
echo "Done!"
echo "License-preamble was not found in $f"
echo "No license-preamble is removed."
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