Commit 368b20b7 authored by Leonardo Solis's avatar Leonardo Solis
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minor fix in Makefile

parent fbf5743a
......@@ -247,14 +247,5 @@ astex: odock
# $(BIN_DIR)/$(TARGET) -ffile ./input_tsri/search-set-astex/$(ASTEX_PDB)/protein.maps.fld -lfile ./input_tsri/search-set-astex/$(ASTEX_PDB)/flex-xray.pdbqt -nrun $(ASTEX_NRUN) -psize $(ASTEX_POPSIZE) -resnam $(ASTEX_TESTNAME) -gfpop 1 | tee ./input_tsri/search-set-astex/intrapairs/$(ASTEX_PDB)_intrapair.txt
PDB := 3ce3
NRUN := 100
POPSIZE := 150
TESTNAME := test
SMOOTH := 0.5f
test: odock
$(BIN_DIR)/$(TARGET) -ffile ./input/$(PDB)/derived/$(PDB)_protein.maps.fld -lfile ./input/$(PDB)/derived/$(PDB)_ligand.pdbqt -nrun $(NRUN) -psize $(POPSIZE) -resnam $(TESTNAME) -gfpop 0 -smooth $(SMOOTH)
rm -f $(BIN_DIR)/* initpop.txt
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