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    Jens Korinth authored
    commit e1683d56027c71d4fbf2ba2543a528da1b44285d
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Thu Jul 13 17:36:59 2017 +0200
        Replace old Feature implementation
        * old implementation was "fat", i.e., each Feature had to have its own
          class on the Scala side of things
        * knowledge about validity is on Tcl side; led to double effort to check
          for invalid values, which went out-of-sync
        * removed fat layer, replaced by thin, generic implementation:
          Features have a name and a map of properties, mapping strings to
          strings; all properties are passed exactly as-is to Tcl
        * special case: added "Enabled" -> "true" in all cases, reasoning: if
          somebody goes to all the trouble of defining a Feature, it should
          usually be enabled
        * can be overridden explicitly (for whatever reason)
    commit b559df40a0ad697e4d1b60f8c4ee927cae44c4ec
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Thu Jul 13 16:45:15 2017 +0200
        Fix bug in path parser, fix test cases
    commit 0ee9f090705d1ffd4b36d5c26b9a1978c57fab6a
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Thu Jul 13 15:58:54 2017 +0200
        Fix bug in HLS gens
        * 'all' must be used _instead_ of kernel list, not within
    commit 7b67ee180af8f53276b58c9697b8f798469b2afc
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Thu Jul 13 15:51:39 2017 +0200
        Update usage info and man pages
        * man page is generated by Usage; not as nicely formatted, but readable
        * simplifies maintenance by keeping information in one place only
    commit 7cffc777da2db55f74e23eb1546f597a881de9df
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Thu Jul 13 12:11:50 2017 +0200
        Implement missing --logFile option
        * added to property checks as well
    commit bfa6d8fc173c4edd58c78c12f749ebfc2947ee4e
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Thu Jul 13 12:01:08 2017 +0200
        Increase the number of worker threads to 500
    commit 884d3f5ffd5d3fd0890f07650cabc4a482ad4f1b
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Thu Jul 13 11:59:30 2017 +0200
        Improve error messages from parser
        * mostly fine-tuning to make sure the lastParser value gives the user
          the right idea about the mistake
        * see also the script parserTest.sh in Seafile/TAPASCO to generate a lot
          of error messages automatically
    commit 28215f874dab107810344584b98267809eb4dc4d
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Wed Jul 12 19:27:53 2017 +0200
        Dump example jobs, if none are specified
        * Configuration dumping should automatically use JobExamples to generate
          a list with on instance of each job
        * useful for users to get a starting point for their configs
        * updated README.md accordingly
    commit 72969fcbcb6ff5583c368969fa6d59cc5d290756
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Wed Jul 12 19:22:01 2017 +0200
        Finish work on new parser and property tests
        * all parsers implemented, spec'ed and debugged
        * wrote a lot of property tests, caught some bugs I'd never have found
          otherwise, very nice
        * changed a few bits and pieces, need to rewrite man and usage
    commit 786596a793a8d0510465438e77a5067f5d1bd67b
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Tue Jul 11 18:49:36 2017 +0200
        Bugfix exceptions in MemInfo when /proc/meminfo is unavailable
        * not portable, sometimes /proc/meminfo may not exist (e.g., Darwin)
        * will warn once, then deactivate all resource checks on mem
    commit e029dc27619de33477e3a3c156a91e18bb1f7eb7
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Tue Jul 11 18:49:08 2017 +0200
        Bugfix for setup.sh on Darwin
    commit b53bbbc225eaf0b1c31bac2e20299e07b9e00fcf
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Tue Jul 11 18:47:42 2017 +0200
        Continue work on new parser
        * split classes into more sub objects
        * each subobject needs its own test suite with at least one test for
          each parser defined therein
        * got better with scalacheck, tests are stronger
    commit 6b3b2504d31e1f673f4336901bec18203e3f2b3d
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Sun Jul 9 18:34:01 2017 +0200
        Added unit tests and cleaned up a little
    commit 8b12879df3ed59803a66ee7a97d006bb20982056
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Sun Jul 9 18:33:00 2017 +0200
        Add missing --parallel in man page
    commit 10d8b3a02bb8b02fc4ac287aa9e6fa6d4dece51e
    Author: Jens Korinth <jkorinth@gmx.net>
    Date:   Sat Jul 8 23:34:22 2017 +0200
        Implement new parser with better error handling
        * error messages of the current command line argument parsrer are
          abysmal, extremely confusing to users
        * since scala parser combinators do not feature cuts, it is very
          difficult to provide better error messages
        * started re-implementation of parser using 'fastparse'
        * works extremely well so far