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Remove ancient CMake version set by Vivado from PATH

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......@@ -26,3 +26,8 @@ export Tapasco_DIR=${TAPASCO_HOME}/build/install/usr/local/share/Tapasco/cmake/
export TapascoPlatform_DIR=${TAPASCO_HOME}/build/install/usr/local/share/Tapasco/cmake/
export TapascoCommon_DIR=${TAPASCO_HOME}/build/install/usr/local/share/Tapasco/cmake/
export TapascoTLKM_DIR=${TAPASCO_HOME}/build/install/usr/local/share/Tapasco/cmake/
if echo "${PATH}" | grep --quiet "cmake-3.3.2";
export PATH=`python -c "import re; print(re.sub(r':.*?cmake-3.3.2.*?:', ':', '${PATH}'));"`
\ No newline at end of file
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