Commit 0464ed0b authored by Carsten Heinz's avatar Carsten Heinz Committed by Lukas Sommer
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Write axi port count of PEs to report file

parent e1877293
......@@ -199,5 +199,17 @@ if {$wns < 0} {
# report power
report_power -quiet -file @@REPORT_POWER@@
# extract AXI interfaces
# requires a block design
set bd [create_bd_design bd]
set pe [create_bd_cell pe -vlnv @@VLNV@@]
set interfaces_file [open @@REPORT_PORT@@ "w"]
puts @@REPORT_PORT@@
set axi_master_ports [tapasco::get_aximm_interfaces $pe "Master"]
set axi_slave_ports [tapasco::get_aximm_interfaces $pe "Slave"]
puts $interfaces_file "AXI_MASTER_PORTS\t[llength $axi_master_ports]"
puts $interfaces_file "AXI_SLAVE_PORTS\t[llength $axi_slave_ports]"
close $interfaces_file
# done!
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