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    - _JAVA_OPTIONS seems to annoy Vivado HLS and results in random
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image: tapasco image: tapasco_ci
variables: variables:
XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE: "/opt/cad/keys/xilinx" XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE: "/opt/cad/keys/xilinx"
before_script: before_script:
- uname -a - uname -a
- ls
- echo $SHELL - echo $SHELL
- echo $PWD - echo $PWD
- source $PWD/ - source $PWD/
- export _JAVA_OPTIONS="$TAPASCO_HOME/.sbt/ -Dsbt.ivy.home=$TAPASCO_HOME/.ivy2/ -Divy.home=$TAPASCO_HOME/.ivy2/" - source /root/.sdkman/bin/
- export SBT_OPTS="$TAPASCO_HOME/.sbt/ -Dsbt.ivy.home=$TAPASCO_HOME/.ivy2/ -Divy.home=$TAPASCO_HOME/.ivy2/"
stages: stages:
- toolchain-test - toolchain-test
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