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Remove sbt installation instruction

Is already contained in the command line installation suggestion
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......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ TaPaSCo is known to work in this environment:
* Intel x86_64 arch
* Linux kernel 4.4+
* Fedora 26+, Ubuntu 16.04+
* Fedora 24/25 does not support debug mode
* Fedora 24/25 does not support debug mode due to GCC bug
* Bash Shell 4.2.x+
Other setups likely work as well, but are untested.
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ To use TaPaSCo, you'll need working installations of
* Vivado Design Suite 2017.4 or newer
* Java SDK 8 - 11
* sbt 0.13.x or newer
* sbt 0.13.x or newer (use [SDKMAN!]( for easy installation)
* git
* python
* GCC newer than 5.x.x for C++11 support
......@@ -60,24 +60,6 @@ Check that at least the following are in your `$PATH`:
* `bash`
* \[`vivado_hls`\]
Install sbt
Installing multiple versions of Java, Scala and tools like sbt can be a hassle.
[SDKman!]( simplifies the process by managing the
installations without root requirements. To install sbt, simply
curl -s "" | bash
Then, run in a new terminal:
sdk install sbt
Try if this worked, via
sbt version
If `sbt` was successfully installed, it will return its version number.
Basic Setup
1. Open a terminal in the main directory of the repository and source the
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