Commit 3eb8f7cb authored by Jaco Hofmann's avatar Jaco Hofmann
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Add basic smart connect support

parent fbfec876
# create a dictionary of compatible VLNVs
dict set stdcomps axi_ic vlnv ""
dict set stdcomps axi_sc vlnv ""
dict set stdcomps ps vlnv ""
dict set stdcomps ps_bfm vlnv ""
dict set stdcomps axi_irqc vlnv ""
......@@ -97,6 +97,44 @@ namespace eval ::tapasco::ip {
return $ic
# Instantiates an AXI4 Smartconnect IP.
# @param name Name of the instance.
# @param no_slaves Number of AXI4 Slave interfaces.
# @param no_masters Number of AXI4 Master interfaces.
# @param no_clocks Number of different clocks used.
# @return bd_cell of the instance.
proc create_axi_sc {name no_slaves no_masters {num_clocks 1}} {
variable stdcomps
puts "Creating AXI Smartconnect $name with $no_slaves slaves, $no_masters masters and $num_clocks clocks..."
puts " VLNV: [dict get $stdcomps axi_sc vlnv]"
set ic [create_bd_cell -type ip -vlnv [dict get $stdcomps axi_sc vlnv] $name]
set props [list CONFIG.NUM_SI $no_slaves CONFIG.NUM_MI $no_masters CONFIG.NUM_CLKS $num_clocks CONFIG.HAS_ARESETN {0}]
set_property -dict $props $ic
return $ic
proc connect_sc_default_clocks {name {main_clk "design"}} {
puts "Connecting AXI Smartconnect $name to the default clocks..."
set_property -dict [list CONFIG.NUM_CLKS {3}] $name
set clk [tapasco::subsystem::get_port $main_clk "clk"]
puts "Connecting clock of type $main_clk as main clock -> $clk"
connect_bd_net [get_bd_pins $clk] [get_bd_pins $name/aclk]
set i 1
foreach c {host design mem} {
if {$c != $main_clk} {
set clk [tapasco::subsystem::get_port $c "clk"]
puts "Connecting clock of type $c -> $clk"
connect_bd_net [get_bd_pins $clk] [get_bd_pins $name/[format "aclk%d" $i]]
incr i
# Instantiates a Zynq-7000 Processing System IP core.
# @param name Name of the instance (default: ps7).
# @param preset Name of board preset to apply (default: ::tapasco::get_board_preset).
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