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......@@ -16,12 +16,12 @@ Basic Usage
Class `ModuleBuilder` provides an abstract base class for an executable object with a `main`
method. You'll only need to provide a list of Chisel cores you'd like to wrap into IP-XACT.
A full example can be found in `examples`; test it as follows:
A full example can be found in `example`; test it as follows:
1. Source the Vivado settings scripts, make sure `vivado` is in the `PATH`.
2. In the `chisel-packaging` base dir, do:
cp examples/* .
cp example/* .
3. Execute via:
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ The easiest way to setup `chisel-packaging` for your Chisel project with `sbt` i
4. Implement `chisel.packaging.ModuleBuilder` in your own code; if you've chosen
a different directory than `packaging` for the subtree, you can pass it to the
baseclass constructor -- see [examples/ModuleBuilder.scala](examples/ModuleBuilder.scala).
baseclass constructor -- see [example/ModuleBuilderTest.scala][3]
5. Build the IP-XACT cores via `sbt run`.
......@@ -74,4 +74,5 @@ Gotchas
the empty lines; they are required by `sbt`.
\ No newline at end of file
[3]: example/ModuleBuilderTest.scala
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