Commit 8040311c authored by Jens Korinth's avatar Jens Korinth
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Zynq: Fix zero master PE compositions

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......@@ -169,14 +169,18 @@ namespace eval ::platform {
set name [regsub {^M_(.*)} [get_property NAME $m] {S_\1}]
puts " $m -> $name"
lappend mem_slaves [create_bd_intf_pin -mode Slave -vlnv [get_property VLNV $m] $name]
lappend mem_masters [create_bd_intf_pin -mode Master -vlnv [::tapasco::ip::get_vlnv "aximm_intf"]\
"M_[lindex $ps_slaves $m_i]"]
lappend mem_masters [create_bd_intf_pin -mode Master -vlnv [::tapasco::ip::get_vlnv "aximm_intf"] "M_[lindex $ps_slaves $m_i]"]
incr m_i
if {[llength $mem_slaves] > 0 && [llength $mem_masters] > 0} {
foreach s $mem_slaves m $mem_masters { connect_bd_intf_net $s $m }
if {$m_i == 0} {
set name [format "S_%s" [lindex $ps_slaves 0]]
set vlnv [::tapasco::ip::get_vlnv "aximm_intf"]
lappend mem_slaves [create_bd_intf_pin -mode Slave -vlnv $vlnv $name]
lappend mem_masters [create_bd_intf_pin -mode Master -vlnv $vlnv "M_[lindex $ps_slaves $m_i]"]
foreach s $mem_slaves m $mem_masters { connect_bd_intf_net $s $m }
# Create interrupt controller subsystem:
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