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Initial version of packaging script

* based on Python, Vivado IP Integrator
* produces component.xml with correct reset polarity
import json
import argparse
from subprocess import Popen, STDOUT, PIPE
script = '''
create_project -force "{0}" /tmp
ipx::infer_core -name "{0}" -vendor "{1}" -library "{2}" -version "{3}" "{4}"
set_property supported_families {{virtex7 Production qvirtex7 Production kintex7 Production kintex7l Production qkintex7 Production qkintex7l Production artix7 Production artix7l Production aartix7 Production qartix7 Production zynq Production qzynq Production azynq Production}} [ipx::current_core]
set_property core_revision 1 [ipx::current_core]
set_property display_name "{0}" [ipx::current_core]
set_property description "{0}" [ipx::current_core]
set_property taxonomy "{2}" [ipx::current_core]
ipx::add_bus_parameter POLARITY [ipx::get_bus_interfaces reset -of_objects [ipx::current_core]]
set_property value ACTIVE_HIGH [ipx::get_bus_parameters POLARITY -of_objects [ipx::get_bus_interfaces reset -of_objects [ipx::current_core]]]
ipx::update_checksums [ipx::current_core]
ipx::save_core [ipx::current_core]
close_project -delete
def read_json(jsonfile):
with open(jsonfile, 'r') as jf:
contents =
return json.loads(contents)
def make_vivado_script(jsonfile):
cd = read_json(jsonfile)
return script.format(cd['name'], cd['vendor'], cd['library'], cd['version'], cd['root'])
def run_vivado(script):
p = Popen(['vivado', '-mode', 'tcl', '-nolog', '-nojournal'], stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE, stderr=STDOUT)
output = p.communicate(input = script)[0]
print output.decode()
def parse_args:
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description = 'Package a hardware module specified by JSON as IP-XACT.')
parser.add_argument('json', help = 'path to JSON file')
return parser.parse_args()
args = parse_args
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