Commit 922aeb15 authored by Lukas Sommer's avatar Lukas Sommer
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Invalidate cache contents on PE-interrupt;

parent 463b2c91
......@@ -290,8 +290,14 @@ namespace eval arch {
for {set i 0} {$i < [llength $masters]} {incr i} {
# Create L1$ for each master
set cache [tapasco::createReparaCache "cache_$i"]
# Insert a protocol converter/interconnect TODO if the kernel's master
set parent_cell [get_bd_cells -of [lindex $masters $i]]
set interrupt_pin [get_bd_pins -of_objects $parent_cell -filter {TYPE == "intr" && DIR == "O"}]
set invalidate_pin [get_bd_pins -of_objects $cache -filter {NAME == "invalidate_all"}]
# Connect the interrupt signal of the PE to the cache's invalidate
# signal, so the cache is invalidated every time the PE
# finishes its computation.
connect_bd_net $invalidate_pin $interrupt_pin
# Insert a protocol converter if the kernel's master
# interface is an AXI4 Lite interface.
if { [get_property CONFIG.PROTOCOL [lindex $masters $i]] == "AXI4LITE" } {
# Create protocol converter to convert from AXI4 Lite to AXI4
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