Commit 9a0cb133 authored by Jens Korinth's avatar Jens Korinth
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libplatform: Zynq bugfix concerning device name

parent e61e3255
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ platform_res_t zynq_init(platform_devctx_t *devctx)
if (! strncmp(ZYNQ_NAME, devctx->, strlen(ZYNQ_NAME))) {
if (! strncmp(ZYNQ_CLASS_NAME, devctx->, strlen(ZYNQ_CLASS_NAME))) {
DEVLOG(devctx->dev_id, LPLL_DEVICE, "matches zynq platform");
zynq_platform.devctx = devctx;
return zynq_iomapping();
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