Commit 9c721238 authored by Florian Mayer's avatar Florian Mayer Committed by Lukas Sommer
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Insert missing thread pool shutdown routine (exectx.shutdown()). This will...

Insert missing thread pool shutdown routine (exectx.shutdown()). This will work only under the assumption that each executor of _all_ available job types make sure to terminate only after the tasks they spawned will have fully completed. If this is not a sensible assumption, the stop() procedure would have to wait until Tasks::_queued and Tasks::_running is empty (this is sufficient because processingThread will have been terminated by then).
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......@@ -125,6 +125,7 @@ class Tasks(maxParallel: Option[Int] = None) extends Publisher {
def stop(): Unit = {
_stop = true
if (processingThread.isAlive()) processingThread.interrupt()
private[this] var _stop = false
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