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Remove resolved TODOs and refactor comments

parent de9051e7
......@@ -450,8 +450,6 @@ impl<'a> App<'a> {
"No PE selected.".to_string()
// TODO: add a function parameter for the number of registers that should be read to make it
// dependent on the size of the UI frame.
pub fn get_argument_registers(&mut self, number_of_lines: usize) -> Vec<String> {
let number_of_registers = self.register_list.selected().unwrap_or(0) + number_of_lines;
......@@ -304,8 +304,7 @@ fn draw_tab_peek_and_poke_pes<B: Backend>(f: &mut Frame<B>, app: &mut App, chunk
.highlight_symbol("> ");
f.render_stateful_widget(registers, register_chunks[1], &mut app.register_list);
// Local Memory (also a stateful list for editing TODO?)
// TODO: query and draw only as many addresses as there is space in the frame
// TODO: Should local memory also be editable?
let local_memory = app.dump_current_pe_local_memory(horizontal_chunks[1].height.saturating_sub(2).into());
let local_memory: Vec<ListItem> = local_memory
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