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Copy MIG configuration to project directory

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......@@ -27,11 +27,12 @@ namespace eval platform {
proc create_mig_core {name} {
puts "Creating MIG core for DDR ..."
file copy "$::env(TAPASCO_HOME)/platform/netfpga_sume/nf_sume_ddr3A.prj" "[get_property DIRECTORY [current_project]]/nf_sume_ddr3A.prj"
# create the IP core itself
set mig_7series_0 [tapasco::ip::create_mig_core $name]
# set MIG properties
set_property -dict [ list \
CONFIG.XML_INPUT_FILE "$::env(TAPASCO_HOME)/platform/netfpga_sume/nf_sume_ddr3A.prj" \
CONFIG.XML_INPUT_FILE "[get_property DIRECTORY [current_project]]/nf_sume_ddr3A.prj" \
CONFIG.BOARD_MIG_PARAM {Custom}] $mig_7series_0
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