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Fix typo

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......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ foreach saif [glob -nocomplain *.saif] {
set period @@PERIOD@@
if {@@OPTIMIZATION@@ == 42} {
set result_file [open [file join [file dirname "@@REPORTS_TIMING@@"] "synthesis_results.tsv"] "w+"]
set results_file [open [file join [file dirname "@@REPORTS_TIMING@@"] "synthesis_results.tsv"] "w+"]
puts $result_file "Target Period\tTarget F(MHz)\t\Opt\tWNS (ns)\tT (ns)\tF (ns)"
set runtimes_file [open [file join [file dirname "@@REPORTS_TIMING@@"] "synthesis_runtimes.tsv"] "w+"]
puts $runtimes_file "Target Period\tTarget F(Mhz)\tOpt\tPhase\tStart\t\End\tDuration (s)"
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