Commit c0611535 authored by Jens Korinth's avatar Jens Korinth
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Change default for mem frequency to design frequency

parent 67e822c6
......@@ -510,13 +510,8 @@ namespace eval tapasco {
if {[info exists tapasco_mem_freq]} {
return $tapasco_mem_freq
} else {
set mem_freq 200
if {[tapasco::get_speed_grade] > -2} {
puts " speed grade: [tapasco::get_speed_grade], reducing mem speed to 158 MHz"
set mem_freq 158
puts "WARNING: tapasco_mem_freq is not set! Using fallback: $mem_freq MHz"
return $mem_freq
puts "WARNING: tapasco_mem_freq is not set, using design frequency of [tapasco::get_design_frequency] MHz"
return [tapasco::get_design_frequency]
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