Commit c6c0046d authored by Jaco Hofmann's avatar Jaco Hofmann
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Adds tie-offs to unused interrupts

parent 3d1045af
......@@ -76,6 +76,8 @@ namespace eval platform {
set irq_concat_ss [tapasco::createConcat "interrupt_concat" 8]
set irq_unused [tpc::createConstant "irq_unused" 1 0]
# create MSIX interrupt controller
set msix_intr_ctrl [tapasco::createMSIXIntrCtrl "msix_intr_ctrl"]
connect_bd_net [get_bd_pin -of_objects $irq_concat_ss -filter {NAME == "dout"}] [get_bd_pin -of_objects $msix_intr_ctrl -filter {NAME == "interrupt"}]
......@@ -98,6 +100,10 @@ namespace eval platform {
connect_bd_net $msix_mask [get_bd_pin -of_objects $msix_intr_ctrl -filter {NAME == "cfg_interrupt_msix_mask"}]
connect_bd_net $dma_irq [get_bd_pin -of_objects $irq_concat_ss -filter {NAME == "In0"}]
puts "Unused Interrupts: 1, 2, 3 are tied to 0"
connect_bd_net [get_bd_pin -of_object $irq_unused -filter {NAME == "dout"}] [get_bd_pin -of_objects $irq_concat_ss -filter {NAME == "In1"}]
connect_bd_net [get_bd_pin -of_object $irq_unused -filter {NAME == "dout"}] [get_bd_pin -of_objects $irq_concat_ss -filter {NAME == "In2"}]
connect_bd_net [get_bd_pin -of_object $irq_unused -filter {NAME == "dout"}] [get_bd_pin -of_objects $irq_concat_ss -filter {NAME == "In3"}]
# connect internal clocks
connect_bd_net -net intc_clock_net $aclk [get_bd_pins -of_objects [get_bd_cells] -filter {TYPE == "clk" && DIR == "I"}]
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