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# Miscellaneous Chisel IP
Some very basic IP for everyday use, written in Chisel. Currently contains:
* [DataWidthConverter][1]
Converts `UInt` of arbitrary bit width to `UInt` of different bit width.
Zero delay, handshaked channels using Chisels `Decoupled` interface.
* [DecoupledDataSource][2]
Generic data provider with fixed (compile-time) data; uses handshakes via
Chisels `Decoupled` interface.
* [SignalGenerator][3]
Primitive 1-bit signal generator: Specify via change list, can cycle.
These were basically warm-up exercises with Chisel, but can be useful now and
then. For usage examples see the [unit test suites][4].
[1]: src/main/scala/DataWidthConverter.scala
[2]: src/main/scala/DecoupledDataSource.scala
[3]: src/main/scala/SignalGenerator.scala
[4]: src/test/scala/
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