Commit d6adc315 authored by Jens Korinth's avatar Jens Korinth
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Bugfix for newer Vivado versions in Zynq platform

* address map code did not work correctly, fixed
parent 3c810860
......@@ -317,9 +317,11 @@ namespace eval platform {
set masters [tapasco::get_aximm_interfaces $pe]
foreach m $masters {
set slaves [find_bd_objs -relation addressable_slave $m]
set spaces [get_bd_addr_spaces $pe/* -filter { NAME =~ "*m_axi*" || NAME =~ "*M_AXI*" }]
foreach u $spaces {
create_bd_addr_seg -range [get_property RANGE $u] -offset 0 $u [get_bd_addr_segs $slaves/*] "SEG_$u"
foreach s $slaves {
create_bd_addr_seg -range [get_property RANGE [get_bd_addr_spaces $m]] -offset 0 \
[get_bd_addr_spaces $m] \
[get_bd_addr_segs $s/*] \
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