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Release 2020.04

We are happy to announce TaPaSCo 2020.04 coming right to you with a number of new platforms bringing TaPaSCo to the cloud and adding HBM support.

AWS Support
TaPaSCo now supports AWS F1 instances. Start generating bitstreams using our [guide]( No changes to your runtime necessary!

HBM Support
TaPaSCo now supports HBM enabled FPGAs, namely the XUPVVH from Bittware. Different HBM channels can be attached to the PEs as desired.

MPSoC and Zynq

The driver and bitstream generation for MPSoC and Zynq has been modernized and is now easier to use than ever. This change comes with an entirely new root FS generator. In combination with these changes, TaPaSCo now supports the low cost entry to MPSoC: The Ultra96 v2.

In total this release closes 18 [Issues]( in 317 commits.
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