1. 18 Mar, 2022 8 commits
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      Update `tapasco-debug` to use `clap` crate instead of `structopt` · f25a61cf
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      because `structopt`'s functionality is now completely integrated in `clap`.
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      Update `tapasco-debug`s `Cargo.toml` · 4c55eff1
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      Update Rust edition from 2018 to 2021 · 22b195c0
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      Add `tapasco-debug` feature to `libtapasco` to make getters pub · 0ae916e9
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      that are necessary for `tapasco-debug` but break up the usually wanted
      encapsulation of `libtapasco`, so they are guarded behind conditional
      compilation if the non-default feature is activated.
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      Implement Monitor, Debug and Unsafe Mode · 67433889
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      As discussed in the respective PR #290
      there are now three differenct access modes: Monitor, Debug, Unsafe.
      This commit introduces command-line subcommands to choose the mode in
      which to operate.
      In `Monitor` mode nothing can be modified only another runtime
      can be monitored.
      In `Debug` Mode the argument registers can also be set interactively.
      In `Unsafe` Mode the only difference to `Debug` Mode is that the driver
      is released, so another host application can run in parallel.
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      Add `env_logger` crate for logging · 3e457442
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      Add first mockup of `tapasco-debug` in Rust · f3a9bef0
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      This is the first commit for a work-in-progress effort on Issue #264.
      Since `tapasco-debug` was removed in the v2020.10 release because the
      ncurses-based UI was "quite flaky" you had to use two different Tapasco
      workspaces to have the debugger still around while using the recent
      Tapasco version.
      This reimplementation of `tapasco-debug` is written in Rust and
      uses the `libtui-rs` and `crossterm` crates for the terminal user
      interface along with the new Tapasco runtime.
      For the moment it provides a list of PEs which can be selected to see
      the first 16 argument registers along with some generic bitstream and
      platform information.
      Writing to argument registers, starting PEs, dumping Local Memory is not
      possible yet.
      To integrate it into the build process of this repository it uses the
      same mechanism to build using Cargo from CMake as PR #285.