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      Add include for version check · a9f339d1
      Torben authored
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      Move #if to exclude imports on older kernels · 0740ed64
      Torben authored
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      Fix typo in doc and readmes · 50d9a33d
      Torben authored
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      Add SVM docu and examples · 164bdf4d
      Torben authored
      Add an extra documentation article for the SVM feature in the documentation folder.
      Add new example software for the SVM feature for Rust and C++. Both programs contain four different tests using the arraysum, arrayinit and/or arrayupdate HLS example kernels. They demonstrate how to use the different page migration types provided with this feature.
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      Return all buffer after PE release · 1ec629c4
      Torben authored
      If SVM is enabled 'pe.release()' returns all buffers which has been passed to 'pe.start()' as DataTransferAlloc parameter, no matter whether from_device has been set to 'true' or not. This way the user program can regain ownership of all buffers.
      See the SVM pipeline example for a use case.
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      Add VirtualAddress param · 3b68f500
      Torben authored
      Add VirtualAddress as additional PEParameter. It is used to pass a virtual pointer to the PE without initiating a migration when using the SVM feature.
      Before the argument is passed to the PE, the runtime checks whether the loaded bitstream supports SVM.
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      Switch to write lock and add second try · bdd749c1
      Torben authored
      Hold the mmap_write_lock() instead of mmap_read_lock() for host-to-device migrations to prevent that the CPU and device page fault handler run at the same time. During concurrent page accesses causing a Ping-Pong effect migrations to device failed and most accelerators do not handle the return SLVERRs correctly.
      If the migration of pages fail for ODPMs in host-to-device direction, try it a second time (this may happen if a race for a zero-page between device and host occurs).