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      Add `libtapasco_tests` to CMake build config · f8d42e2d
      zyno42 authored
      In order to detect when the compilation of `libtapasco_tests` fails, I
      want to add it to the CI system.
      First, I thought about adding it directly to the `tapasco-build-libs`
      script but since it's just a thin wrapper around KBuild and CMake I
      decided to try to add it to CMake instead. Compiling Rust with CMake
      seems not to be possible in a straightforward manner, so I then added a
      custom target which calls Cargo to build it because Cargo handles
      everything just nicely.
      The `CMakeLists.txt` of `libtapasco` was not applicable here because in
      order for `libtapasco_tests` to show up under the executable directory
      it needs to be added as an executable, not as a library as in
      This makes another workaround necessary to overwrite the linker with a
      `/usr/bin/true` no-op because CMake really cannot be persuaded to just
      not link an executable but Cargo has already run the linker.
      Note that Cross compilation is not supported this way.
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      Fix compilation of `libtapasco_tests` · 1fcfa7b0
      zyno42 authored
      With newer Rust versions >= 1.51 compilation of the `uom` crate fails.
      Updating it to the latest version fixes compilation without further
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