Implement automatic build process for new Status Core

* there is a subproject that is included as a subtree in
* subproject is standalone and can be run from Tcl
* changed process in common.tcl: createTapascoStatus now generates a
  JSON configuration file and runs sbt in the subproject
* each Composition gets its unique status core
* status cores are cached in tapasco-status-cache in the main dir:
  when building the same composition a number of times, status cores can
  be reused; is removed automatically in sbt clean
* required more API extensions: platform::get_address_map must be
  implemented by the Platform to communicate the address mapping to the
  status core creation
* also added formal interface to capabilities in common.tcl:
  tapasco::add_capability_flag, tapasco::get_capability_flags and
  tapasco::set_capability_flags can be used by plugins to activate
  capability bits
* whole process should be transparent to the user, everything is
  supposed to work as before
* one exception: get_address_map is not yet implemented on VC709
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