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  • 2019.10
    We are happy to announce TaPaSCo 2019.10
    Coming right to you with a number of structural changes.
    Directory Structure
    The directory structure has been changed completely. The individual
    parts of TaPaSCo are now separated into the Toolflow and Runtime
    directories to avoid confusion.
    TaPaSCo Setup
    The novel `tapasco-init` script enables out-of-tree builds to simplify
    using multiple TaPaSCo builds in parallel.
    Toolflow Changes
    The toolflow is now built by Gradle instead of SBT. Along with these
    changes, we now provide OS packages for leading Linux distributions.
    Compilation of TaPaSCo is no longer necessary for a majority of users.
    Quality of Life
    A number of quality of life changes targets the usability of TaPaSCo.
    QoL-Improvements include:
    * Updated and improved Readme.
    * TaPaSCo will now also work with symbolic links. This also means, that
    you do not have to move your HLS-Kernels. Instead just symlink them into
    the corresponding directory.
    * The parsing of `.json`-files was reworked. Now, all relevant errors
    are reported much more clearly. Also, folders and files mentioned by the
    `.json`-files are checked for existance, to ensure that all required
    files are actually available.
    * A lot of unnecessary error-messages have been removed.
    * The starting Frequency of DSEs can now be overwritten to save time.
    TaPaSCo Status Core
    The status core is now based on Protobuf instead of using a custom
    format. The new format is much more flexible and provides much more
    indepth information about the bitstream.
    In total this release closes 34
    in over 270 commits.
  • 2019.6
    Release Tapasco 2019.6
        Major changes:
            - Vivado 2019.1 support
            - Detailed status information during Vivado runs
            - --skipEvaluation to shorten runtime for runs that do not rely
            on DSE
            - Increased compatibility of the evaluation by directly using
            IP-Xact instead of extracting the sources
            - Contributers guide added
            - Effort level for synthesis and place/route selectable (Uses
            flag --effortLevel)
        Bug fixes:
            - ZCU102 bitstream generation fixed
            - Increased PCIe interrupt reliability through ACKs
            - Vivado properly finishes and does not hang around
            - LED feature fixed and generalized
            - Various improvements to other platforms
            - Remove power report by default
  • v2018.2
  • 2018.1
  • Release-2017.2 protected
    a09dbe89 · Release 2017.2 ·
  • Release-2017.1 protected