Commit 4ad2521b authored by Carsten Heinz's avatar Carsten Heinz Committed by Jaco A. Hofmann

Use clk and rst subsystem signals for vc709's LED feature

parent 46ca07e1
......@@ -23,11 +23,10 @@
namespace eval leds {
set vlnv "ESA:user:GP_LED:1.0"
set default_led_pins [list \
"/PCIe/axi_pcie3_0/user_link_up" \
"/PCIe/axi_pcie3_0/msi_enable" \
"/Memory/mig/init_calib_complete" \
"/Resets/pcie_peripheral_aresetn" \
"/Resets/design_clk_peripheral_aresetn" \
"/host/axi_pcie3_0/user_link_up" \
"/memory/mig/init_calib_complete" \
"/clocks_and_resets/host_peripheral_aresetn" \
"/clocks_and_resets/design_peripheral_aresetn" \
proc get_led_inputs {inputs} {
......@@ -100,10 +99,10 @@ namespace eval leds {
set inputs [list]
if {[dict exists $f "inputs"]} { set inputs [dict get $f "inputs"] }
set gp_led [create_led_core "gp_led" $inputs]
set pcie_aclk [get_bd_pins "/host/pcie_aclk"]
set pcie_aresetn [get_bd_pins "/host/pcie_aresetn"]
connect_bd_net $pcie_aclk [get_bd_pins $gp_led/aclk]
connect_bd_net $pcie_aresetn [get_bd_pins $gp_led/aresetn]
set clk [get_bd_pins "/clocks_and_resets/host_clk"]
set resetn [get_bd_pins "/clocks_and_resets/host_peripheral_aresetn"]
connect_bd_net $clk [get_bd_pins $gp_led/aclk]
connect_bd_net $resetn [get_bd_pins $gp_led/aresetn]
return {}
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