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Simplfiy existing CMake scripts by using CMake 3+ features

Jaco Hofmann requested to merge CMake3 into 2018.1

This merge request includes the following features:

  • Replace all CMake scripts with simplified versions
  • Use CMake variables instead of redefining the wheel (e.g. for C++ compiler parameters)
  • Generated CMake target scripts for the end user
  • Separate Debug and Non-Debug versions of the libraries
  • Add paths to the CMake configs to so the user can simply find the libraries. See examples/memcheck/CMakeLists.txt for examples on how to use Tapasco.
  • Remove duplication from platform specific CMakeLists.
  • Add --shared flag to tapasco-build-libs. By default the static version of the library is build.

All in all this hopefully should reduce clutter by introducing true out-of-tree builds and help the end-user by providing CMake configurations. Additionally, the CMake provided build types like Debug and Release or Shared Library Yes/No are working now.

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